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Mockingbird: Dear Atticus is a monthly newsletter for anyone interested in knowing more than Atticus Finch about our country’s racial history. It’s free thanks to the generous support of patrons of Mockingbird’s Patreon project. And if you decide that you, too, want to support us there and go deeper into this den of buried history with bi-weekly lessons, there’s plenty of room for you. Believe me, the history books need all of our stories. 

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Each month, Mockingbird: Dear Atticus will be chock-full of resources for us to heal our inner history. We’ll answer questions like “What should I do about my (friend, mother, co-worker, etc..) who says CRT is communism?”, or “Are we headed for a race war like my cousin Zeke says?” History is still speaking, and with endless things she’d still like to say. Here is where we allow history to say all the things we were thinking but too scared to say aloud, especially in “mixed” company.

Mockingbird: Dear Atticus also includes a monthly newsletter for kids and monthly conversation cards for teens. It will also feature a monthly podcast called “…isms” where we talk to folks about all the stories in our history that have been misunderstood, hijacked, or just plain forgotten and buried beneath the isms: colonialism, racism, sexism, classism, ableism and nationalism. 

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About Me: Writer & Creator of Mockingbird

Hello, my name is Marcie Lynn Walker and I’m a writer of a few and many things. I write about race, culture, religiosity, spirituality and history mostly, but also Ted Lasso, Beyoncé, Queen Sugar, Obama’s home in Chicago (which happens to be in my neighborhood), old photos, folktales and fairytales and Shel Silverstein poems, hip-hop and prayer books and cookbooks—actually I write about all the books—and classic movies and patronus charms and the cosmos—oh, the cosmos—and light and darkness and trees and Treebeard. I can’t pick a lane. I love all the things and write about them all at:

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